Amanda is an International Coach and Consultant, passionate about people development. Her training and facilitation skills are of international standards and leaves clients motivated, inspired and wanting more. As a result of living in Dubai for 3 years, she has the ability to work within all cultures, faiths and belief systems. Her youngest client being 8 years old and oldest just turned 80.

For her Bsc in management, Amanda discovered a love for “change management” and was encouraged by her professor to explore change. She was given the option of doing a thesis for additional learning - applying explorative research she looked at  "The change an offender (prisoner) goes through when re-integrating into family, community and business". Based on her research she has since built a program and training material, which is accredited through UFS (University of Free State, South Africa). Over the years Amanda has trained in more than six International Coaching & people development methodologies. She has learnt to analyse a clients needs, build systems or identify training needs, which would best excel a client to fulfilling their mission statement and desired impact.

She successfully designs and implements programs in a variety of environments: Quality Relationships; Leadership & Management; Youth; Education, Entrepreneurs, Health, Security & Safety, Re-integration & Sports BMT.

In a Nutshell Amanda strives to “Be The Change,” and lives her passion statement: “Intentional Excellence & Brilliant Execution with Quality Relationships for Sustainable Solutions.”


18 May 2016



Contact With Impact

+(27) 79 273 0835

Pretoria, South Africa

Passion Statements

Seize the moment, seize the day and Live with Impact!

Intentional Excellence, Brilliant Execution  with Quality Relationships for Sustainable Solutions!